Before and After - 161 West Illinois Street


Che Sguardo was a cosmetic and beauty supply store that has now been transformed into GP2’s new home. Mal and Coco Strong had a vision for 161 West Illinois Street so they hired Siren Betty Design to turn that vision into a reality and open goldplaited’s second location in River North between Wells and LaSalle.

Mal and Coco wanted this new space to be an open floor plan and well lit, and that it is. They knocked down walls, tore out shelving, retiled and floored the place, and added 10 makeup and hair stations. We thought our fans would want to take a look at the action because everyone loves before and after photos! Let’s take a tour!

Front Desk: We had to keep a few columns to support the infrastructure but once the rest of the walls were taken down, we delegated a couple posts to become a front desk nook area. Now, right when you walk in a GP employee is ready to greet you!

Stations: To the right of the front desk is the beginning of our hair and makeup stations. In River North, we are specializing in express styling to meet the demands of the busy professionals with a tight schedule. Most clients coming in are getting both hair and makeup so our Kim K package offers tandem services, getting them glam in an hour’s time.

Dressing Room: Exciting news with this one! With the abundance of brides, bachelorette parties, and professionals on their way to glamorous events, we knew we needed to add a dressing room. Now goldplaited clients have their own adorable space surrounded by gold tassels and rose tile. A vintage triple view dressing mirror reassures you, you look your best at all angles. Walk out of the double doors ready for your fun event with great hair, great makeup, and a great outfit.

Booth: A cozy booth and table invite clients to consult with stylists about the exact look they’d like for their special wedding day or engagement photoshoot. When the booth isn’t occupied, you can often find our Business Development Manager working on new deals and corporate outreach! We are so excited to welcome you to our new home. Book an appointment now!

Mal Strong